Create a series of witty and informative, yet still factual and entertaining films to promote the global launch of the 1939 Register. With Andrew Marr as presenter and narrator revealing what life was like in Britain in 1939.


Focusing on the eve of war, the evacuations, and the home, we combined archive footage with animation and live action to create emotional and personal connection to the records. This in tern showed what is discoverable in the pages of the 1939 Register.


With under 4 weeks from the start of pre-production to worldwide launch we worked closely with the Find My Past marketing team and Andrew Marr to write scripts and build storyboards that incorporated both archive footage and bespoke animation.


Engaging, Shareable and on the topic rather than specifically being about military records. Respectful, rather than sensational


We asked serving and ex-armed forces personnel thoughts and feelings towards Remembrance Day

Their absent friends are always in their thoughts but Remembrance Day allows feelings to be demonstrated and shared publicly.

Described to us through currently and ex-service personnel’s thoughts and feelings. Considered and respectful accounts giving us a brief insight into what it actually means to be part of the armed forces


These stunning, passionate, emotional films are the result





Animated 60 second emotive films for the release of 100 million Catholic and USA marriage records.

American focused with Irish and American voice over for the 2016 and 2017 RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City, Utah


By using creative animation techniques we took authentic stock film and images and brought them to life. By sourcing Irish and American voice actors, we directed them in the studio to create an emotive story building the emotion into the film.


The mosaic ending of falling marriage records not only enabled us to show the actual records and stats, but reveal the USA map and tagline.

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