The LCCM advert is intended to be used across social platforms incorporating some of the key selling points of studying at the college. With the versatility to bookend other content, and stand in its own right.


The new direction of the college was key to demonstrate. Showing the cross collaboration between the new courses lead us to develope a scenario between 3 students.


Using locations around London we also developed the strong regional identity LCCM stands for.


After identifying key selling points for the college we developed a storyboard that flowed seamlessly throughout. We incorporated the location, key educational elements and also featured bespoke music.

Building animation using Cinema 4D and After Effects, we created an upbeat, eye-catching advert.


Show how LCCM can lead to a successful career in music. Using a member of their Alumnus to give an honest account of how the college has helped them.


Spotlight on Fabio de Oliveira, the drummer for George Ezra and how studying at LCCM helped kick start his career in music.


Using Somerset House as our backdrop we filmed a backstage tour and interviewed Fabio in various locations to tell his story.


With footage coming from the build up before the George Ezra summer show we gave an insight into how a talented musician can take the leap into becoming a professional musician.





Show how the diversity of the LCCM bass tutors bring their expertise back into the college and how benefits the department. 


With on location interview and performances from legendary bass players Geoff Gascoyne, Ernie McKone, Silas Maitland and John McKenzie we give an insight into life as a professional bass player.


Shot in over 10 locations, from practice rooms, studios, gigs, the college, and even the stage of The Shaftesbury Theatre we show an honest and open account of the tutor’s lives. With opinions on the college shining through we hear how their industry knowledge is what sets the course apart.




Create a unique piece of sharable content to engage new audiences and promote both the London Beefeaters Drumline and LCCM.

Film the performers live to a pre-recorded composition to show their skill and performance prowess in this seriously competitive music field.


Inspired by a genre of sports documentaries, we decided that in order to show both the synchronisation and speed at which the Beefeaters play, we should shoot in super-slow-motion. Using a RED Epic 6k enabled us to shoot at 300fps, allowing the viewer to really be part of what was happening, adding a great sense of drama and intensity. 


With a composition based on a Dizzy Rascal track where the original's music video uses visual graphics throughout the video. We decided to shoot against green-screen in order to add the graphics of the sound waves created by the drum hits. This also gave us the ability to control the size and design of the performance space in post.