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Summarise your business activity through a short showreel

Traditionally used by actors, directors and producers to showcase their portfolio, showreels can also be utilised by businesses.

Essentially a visual summary encapsulated into a short film, a showreel could highlight business’ PR successes, marketing campaigns, annual business activity and more. Showreels are a great method of internal communication, shown at conferences and exhibitions or to shareholders and investors.

We created a showreel for publishers Penguin Random House to showcase the marketing campaign that they ran to promote author James Patterson. Penguin Random House used the showreel to enter the Best Marketing Campaign of the Year Awards where they won the title of Best Adult Marketing Campaign.

Another great example of a corporate showreel use was the 12-month PR success summary created for sports brand Adidas. The showreel was used for internal communication purposes, shown at their employee conference.

A good two to three minute showreel should flow well to communicate a story. Using a combination of text and voice over is a great way to keep audiences engaged and really drive the message home. When producing corporate showreels we use a combination of artistic footage edits and bespoke motion graphics to creatively tell your story in keeping with your corporate brand identity. For more information about corporate showreels for your business please contact us.

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