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Why documenting your corporate events on video should sit at the heart of your communication strateg

You’ve spent a lot of time and put huge amount of energy, and possibly money, into planning and hosting the perfect event, and then, after maybe just a few short hours, it’s all over. But how can you make sure you’ve maximised the impact it’s had and the exposure generated for your business?

Capturing the atmosphere, highlights and key moments on video is a great way of extending the reach and longevity of your event. The video can be shared with attendees as a reminder of what happened and what they learnt, and shared with those who didn’t attend as a brief insight into what took place and what they missed.

Documenting the key aspects of an event on film means that those moments are recorded exactly as they happened and any information disseminated later on will be 100% accurate. This can be particularly important for company announcements or when disseminating information from a corporate event to staff.

Videos are easily shared and provide great content for your website and social media channels. So when you’re planning an event it’s great to ask yourself not only how video can be utilised for pre and post event promotion, but also what video opportunities are presented by the event itself.

Will the event run again next year?

If your event runs regularly it’s a great opportunity to document it on video in order to produce an advertisement for the next one. We documented last year’s ‘2015 & Beyond Predictions’ event for market analysts CCS Insight and then used it to create a preview advertisement for this year. We were able to capture a variety of footage and then combine it with motion graphics to create a visually appealing video that gives potential event delegates a real insight into what they can expect on the day.

Advertisement for this year's CCS Insight event utilising footage from last year with motion graphics:

Who’s in the room?

When you’re hosting a large corporate event you’re likely to have high profile speakers, guests or delegates attending. When you’ve got all these high profile people in one place it’s a great opportunity to capture specific interviews and case studies that can be used at a later date. We filmed the Cisco UC Expo 2015, which saw a number of senior industry figures attending, and we were then able to capture an overview of the event itself along with talking heads from those high profile attendees.

Cisco at the UC Expo 2015

How will you maximise post event PR?

Consider your video options when planning your post event publicity. By producing short video snippets of different aspects of the event you can roll them out over a longer period of time maximising the impact and exposure. We recently worked with Fujitsu to capture an event of theirs on video and then created a selection of engaging one-minute films about each of the different aspects.

When documenting a corporate event we work with our clients to fully understand their outcome needs. We are then able to come up with some interesting techniques and creative ideas to make sure the end results really stand out. If you’re in the process of planning an event and would like help maximising it’s impact through video please email

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